Optimale Beratung
Effektive Produkte

product development and manufacture


founder and developer of a unique concept for the substantial nutrient supply in your reef aquarium.

SANGOKAI stands for

state-of-the-art reef keeping, optimal access to information and intense product support, together with you.


is to improve your individual knowledge in reef keeping for a better understanding of what’s going on in your aquarium.

SANGOKAI water additives and seawater supplements.

Success with your ocean at home.

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SANGOKAI philosophy

We follow the same goal:
optimal and longterm success in reef keeping.

Nature shows us how!

Go your own way with SANGOKAI!

Product development

We develop high-quality additives and nutrient products for your reef aquarium.


We help you optimise your reef aquarium.


We support you in case you need our help.


We provide you with state-of-the-art professional literature to improve your knowledge about reef keeping.

There's not much

what we can't do for your reef aquarium.